“Buhari forced many Nigerian ladies to become prostitutes”

Since Nigeria slipped into the recession on the lips of many Nigerians across the country are lamentations as hardship occasioned by the recession bites harder.

Olayemi Paul, one of the NAIJ.com guest contributors, says that Nigerian leaders must be charged for conspiracy for duping Nigerians, their voting rights with fake campaign proposal.

+He reveals that the policies of President Muhammadu Buhari forced many Nigerian ladies to join prostitute business as a means of surviving.

I think as great Nigerians we have the right to query the authority of the leaders who duped us of our voting right with their false campaign manifestos. They are hungry for the presidential office without vision but with a mission to revenge their past offenders.

All their promises have failed and now they put us into a big problem because of their incompetence to back up their promises to the masses during the campaign, I called their forum OPBT (Obtain Power By Tricks) Mr President (Buhari) and his Vice with other political leaders involved in this OPBT (Obtain Power By Tricks) exercise should face serious charges for dumping Nigerians with their fake campaign proposal that later turns us to a falling nation from giant of Africa to where we are today.

Many of Nigerian ladies are fully engaged into prostitute business as a means of surviving and able men are turning into arm robbers due to the incompetent of our leaders that are good in designing a mansion with a mouth but when given them the drawing board and materials to work with then we all discovered they KNOW NOTHING.

Why is it that the present government treating us as if we are under military regime? Where is democracy dividends that we must enjoy as citizens of this great nation? No respect for rule of law in Nigeria anymore, no security for masses, we are all living under the fear of dictatorship.

Judges are facing embarrassment and what about many that don’t even know anything about law, that means they will be facing hell in the hands of this present government. Enough is enough and this is the time we need to stand up both adults and youths, able and disable to protest against the hardship that the present government is causing masses. This is our time to speak out and protest to have our freedom from the hand of government without clear visions.

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