Woman killed, 2 weeks after marriage, as mudslide hits Lagos State

Today, Faisa Mohammed, who got married two weeks ago in Adamawa State, was killed when a mudslide collapsed on shanties at Agindingbi, Lagos State. Three persons, a male and two females, including Faisa, 24, were trapped under the mud but the other two were rescued alive.

The GM of LASEMA, Michael Akindele, said in his report that the agency received a distress call through the emergency toll free line 112/767 at about 10.54 a.m. He said the area was a wetland and a buffer zone which was not habitable for human settlement. .

The Commissioner, Ministry of the Environment, Babatunde Adejare, was also at the scene for rescue operation. He has ordered squatters living in the shanties around Amara-Olu community to vacate the area immediately, saying the government could no longer condone lawlessness and would not watch while people kept on dying due to avoidable disasters. #elcutiee #gist

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