Without Buhari, Nigeria would have packed up by now — Ex-Ekiti Gov. Segun Oni .

The Deputy National Chairman, (South) of APC said this in an interview with Vanguardngr. When asked if it's true that the APC doesn't know what to do with the economy, he said: .
Well, the public is right to expect that we would do magic, but the right thing is, there is no magic way out of the problems on ground for Nigeria. The economy was trumatized by a government whose only agenda was to win another round.

Therefore, everything that they could put into trying to win a second round even bastardising the economy were all done, and we are all here now. Fortunately for them, I would say, they are not there any longer. .

The reality on ground is that if the previous Government were in power, by now, Nigeria would have virtually packed up; maybe many of us would be refugees by now. So, it is very easy not to remember where we are coming from. Yes, we were elected to do the impossible, we will do our own best. .

I just want to plead that people should give us more realistic expectations. This economy must work, we must get Nigeria back, but it is not as quick as anybody could imagine or just by a touch of the hand. So, people are entitled to their expectations, we as a government, we will do our best to ensure that the end would justify this cause. .

We were not elected to run Nigeria for one year or two years; we were elected to run Nigeria for four years and before we get to an appreciable length of time I am sure, I am confident that we would begin to see very, very obvious changes without using glasses.

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