Tupac's Handwritten Lyrics are Selling for $38k

According to #TMZ, some more handwritten lyrics by legendary artist #TupacShakur are up for sale. The lyrics of Shakur's 1996 recording of “Catchin’ Feelings” are now selling for $38,500.

The celebrity memorabilia site, Moments in Time, obtained the lyrics from a former employee of the studio where Pac recorded the track. The employee held on to the keepsake for years, before handing them over to the site.

This is not the first time that Tupac's belongings were placed on sale by the same company. The company also sold a high school lover letter written by Pac.

Pac recorded the song prior to his death in 1996, though it is featured on the 2002 release of 'Better Dayz'. Next Tuesday (Sept. 13) marks the 20th anniversary of the legend’s tragic death.

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