What other inspiration do you need this morning? Her name is Lizzy and she's getting married soon. Here's her workout story
"About a month ago, I realized we were truly getting married and I needed to get my life together and gather endurance to be able to dance on our wedding day, so I enrolled in a gym. I kept it to myself for the most part because I didn't trust myself to be consistent, and I didn't want to be all #FitFam all up in your face with my fattybumbum and food loving self...

Yesterday, I got done with workout, looked in the mirror and loved what I saw, so I took this picture.
I feel good, have more endurance and actually feel lighter. I dance to Ayefele Tungba music and #Phyno - #FadaFada on repeaaattt after every workout session and I also started watching what I eat.
Don't hold me to anything after the wedding because #FoodIsLife and #ThisWorkingOutIshIsHard... but for right now though, this body feels ready for #Amizzy2016!!! Hellluuuurrrr #WeddingLoading!! "

Good job Lizzy and happy married life in advance.

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