"Patience Jonathan can own any amount of money," IMU Chairperson declares, as others disagree .

As the former First Lady's $31.4m saga continues, the Chairperson of Ijaw Mothers Union, Doris McDaniels, has told Nigerians that Patience Jonathan has the right to own such amount of money. In an interview with Vanguardngr, she said: “I will commend Mrs Patience Jonathan because if this is the allegation against her, then it is funny.

So you mean the wife of a former deputy governor, governor, Vice President,  Acting President and President cannot own this kind of money, yet wife of Pres. Buhari that is less than two years in office can travel with the kind of bag as alleged recently? .

Then this is a funny country. If high-profile government officials,can own properties in Dubai, yet we say wife of a former President can’t own this money, then Nigeria is a laughing stock.”

On his part, ANEEJ Executive Director, Rev.Ugolor, said:  The disclosure of that amount in the account of Mrs. Jonathan, who we all know has no history of owning a company, demonstrates clearly that we are in trouble in Nigeria.

It is the highest level of impunity that will require a radical response from any government that wants to be taken seriously. It is this kind of corruption that is responsible for the recession we are experiencing today.

The fact that this kind of grand corruption is allegedly traced to somebody from the Niger Delta, where unemployment level and poverty are increasing daily, is something that is very discouraging."

Anyankwe Nsirimovu, of the Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, said: “It is unfortunate that at a time we thought this thing about corruption will not touch GEJ, it appears something different is coming up. To my mind, this has put the whole of GEJ's administration into question."

National Coordinator, Centre for the Vulnerable and the Underprivileged, Barr. Oghenejabor Ikimi, also said: "Patience should be investigated on how she got the money. The sum is frightening, knowing that her office does not attract remuneration. If she's found to have amassed it illegally, she should face the music."

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