Nicki Minaj stays with her man, Meek Mill, as he kickstarts a beef with The Game.

No one knows what transpired between them, but it all started after The Game slammed Meek Mill during a recent concert at a club in Maimi and went ahead to diss him in his new track, 92 Bars. .

In the track, he said: “I just want to beat that ni**a’s a** one good time “When you see me ni**a square up. It ain’t gotta be no guns, ni**a. F**k Meek Mill.” Meek Mill took to IG to give him his middle finger while posing with Nicki Minaj. Nicki supported Meek, by commenting with kissing emojis.

Meek mocked The Game for saying he wants to fight only to record a diss track and put up pre-order links. The Game then fired back with a behind-the-scene picture of himself and Nicki Minaj, taken from her Pills and Portions video, saying that was the last time Nicki held a real man. He then called him Weak Mill.... an improvement 4rm d "sh*t head" dt 50cent once called him.

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