My income was cut by one-third, I go hungry too - S.A to Pres. Buhari on Media and Publicity

Femi Adesina said this in an article he titled “After Ye Have Suffered A While.” The article read in part: Come, let us reason together. Father Mbaka, that fearless priest of the Catholic church, gave an illustration recently. There is hunger in the land, with people severely famished. .

And there is ululation, loud enough to deafen the deaf all over again, and wake the dead from his eternal sleep. The wailers are wailing so loud, as if Bob Marley had resurrected with his band, the Wailing Wailers. But hear Fr. Mbaka: somebody came, looted your kitchen, carried away all the food.

He did not even leave you crumbs to console yourself with. And then comes another person, trying to replenish your pantry, trying to restock your kitchen. And then you begin to shout; we are hungry o, to the point of distracting and discouraging the new man. .

That is the exact similitude of the position of Nigeria. There is hunger, lack, and deprivation in the land. But is it a death knell? Not when the kitchen is being restocked, and we will soon feed till we want no more.
I am on a national assignment that has cut my legitimate annual income by one third, so when there is hunger in the land, I go hungry too. Well, almost. When people talk of lack of money, I penny-pinch, too. Well, almost. .

Let nobody think those in government are insulated from what is happening. At least, those who have truly come to serve. It is inevitable that we pass through this rough patch in which we currently find ourselves.

But some people rejoice, thinking the government would fail. Why do the heathens rage, and the people imagine vain things? Wasn't the siege on Samaria so terrible that they began to boil their children to eat? And then came Prophet Elisha, who told them, "Tomorrow about this time, shall a measure of fine flour be sold for a shekel."

Did it happen? It did. Things will turn in Nigeria, and it would be for our good. The troubles of the present are not worthy to be compared to the glory that will be revealed, "after we have suffered for a while..."

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