A gripping action thriller about a college girl Akira, who has grown up with the ideals of being self reliant. Her life spirals out of control when she becomes unwittingly involved in a crime involving four corrupt police officers.

Aneesh Tejeshwar, Adithi Rao, Krishi Thapanda

Pros and Cons:
If you likes sensible movies then this movie is surely not for you. If you want unnecessary entertainment, you can waste your money. The Only thing Good about the movie is Sonakshi's and Konkana's Acting. There are many holes in the story lines and there are many stretched scenes which breaks the feeling to continue the movie. Maximum of the scenes of this movie is Dramatic and Unreal, like with no issue a boy was going to attack akira with knife and she was the God of fighting she can handle everyone at a time. You can easily guess what is going to happen? Like 3 police officers were going to kill 3 person one of them is akira. The movie has just started and it was sure that she is not going to be killed and that escaping scene is stretched for more than 15 minutes. I have given 2 starts and that's all for acting.
If you go for logic, this movie is not for you, unless you want to see it because of your favourite actress and for enjoyment reasons.
It's your choice.


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