Man pulls gun, threatens to blow off heads of FRSC officials who told him to put on seatbelt.

The scene was witnessed in Abuja yesterday, at Durumi area a few yards away from Winner’s Chapel. According to Vanguardngr, the man, alleged to be a member of the church pulled a gun on the officials, who tried to impound his vehicle on an charge that he and his wife did not put on their seat belts while driving.

The video footage captures the man saying he would blow off the heads of the officials. The man who was driving a Honda Accord car with plate number SD01-RBC pointed his gun very menacingly at the officials while his wife backed him.
The officials who seemed helpless in the situation however got a video clip of the argument as well as the plate number of his car and released the video on social media with a call to Nigerians to identify the man for arrest and become a millionaire.

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