Sometimes he doesnt look like what you envisaged for a man you want to spend eternity with,but only wise women know their test, ladies this will be your one test to know if you are a keeper. Our men need our prayers, undying support, and most times our wisdom. After several years in marriage, I can tell you your man should be your first son, you watch him grow, he makes mistakes you help him, he doesnt want to do assignments,you assist him, you see his future even when he doesnt see or know it.

You stand by him and make sure he achieves it. Too many single women these days want to reap where they didnt sow, dont look for an already made man, prove to yourself you are a good woman by standing by your man in nothing. Adam needed eve to help him. Annie proved this to the world that she is indeed a virtous woman. Pride and high mindedness will ruin many women, I met my husband as nothing, i gave up on him once or twice but thank God i retraced my steps, apologised and decided to work out life with him and today i am the happiest wife and mother just because i kept my pride aside against my mind. There will be days when you loose your emotions but it is not all about your emotions, if you find a "GOOD MAN" hold him tight. Riches can fade but a good man will always be your blessing, trust me when i say this. You can not imagine the feeling when he decides to celebrate you in future for being his rock. I know the feeling. Put away pride, high mindedness, selfishnes, greed, self centerdness etc and stand by your man. Be the queen that a king needs. Thumbs up to women who stand by their men forever.

Written By Lizzy Albert

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