Renowned Nigerian musician ILL BLISS has left the music industry. He did share the news on his Instagram page.

 He said " I belong with the greats/ early age digging in the crates/ hustle till I face the pearly gates we no be mates/ been thru it all seen it all can I ball ? / spades flow for all/ they celebrate your fall/ I can't deny I had to fight for my relevance/ Omo Na GOD pure skill mixed with arrogance/ this rap sht took another turn but IllBliss you been a Don/ from the fking day you was born/ they took shots trying to wreck a dude's credence!
Now they cluster celebrate the presence! :..... I won some lost some/still a lonesome/ dark horse riding thru this music business/ nope never show them signs of your weakness/ just Uniqueness/ plus Persistence....." "Thank you all for being with me through this amazing Musical Journey.. GoodBYE.. To the Game...I'm GONE... Next Chapter"

I wonder what he's going into....full time business ?

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