A daily consumption of coffee may lower the risk of diseases, such as: diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, Parkinson disease and some forms of cancer,” a nutritionist, Miss Nike Oshinowo, has said. Coffee Oshinowo, who works with the Gbadaga General Hospital, Lagos, made this assertion on Friday in an interview with newsmen in Ibadan. According to her, a daily intake of black coffee helps to meet with the recommended daily dietary antioxidants required by the body.
“Coffee is rich in antioxidants and gives up to 60 per cent of the recommended daily dietary antioxidants. “It enhances mental alertness and the ability to concentrate due to its caffeine content. “Taking coffee in moderate consumption of not more than four cups in a day is really of immense benefits to human health. “To really enjoy the health benefits of coffee, it is best taken black; by adding sugar, milk or any other thing, those things can take all the health benefits away from it,” she said. The expert said that while coffee was not a drug, it could, however, lead to an abuse with side effects. “If you want to enjoy the benefits, don’t take it on impulse like a student, who wants to stay awake to read at night for an examination. “Also, some people can be very sensitive to its caffeine content, therefore, it is advisable to watch out how it affects your body. “For instance, if your heart rate or blood pressure goes up, you may want to limit how much coffee you take,” Oshinowo added.

Source: Vanguard

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