Arsene Wenger Reveals Why He’s Always Scared Of Buying Players

Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger, has admitted that he treats the club’s money as if it was his own.
The Gunners boss, who is notorious for being shrewd in the transfer market, also confessed he is nervous about making mistakes when it comes to buying players.

Last summer, Wenger bought only Petr Cech from Chelsea and has also made one big-money signing this summer – £30million for Swiss midfielder Granit Xhaka.

In a new book titled Game Changers: Inside English Football by Alan Curbishley, Wenger said: “I personally believe the only way to be a manager is to spend the club’s money as if it were your own, because if you don’t do that you’re susceptible to too many mistakes.

“You make big decisions and I believe you have to act like it’s your own money — like you’re the owner of the club and you can identify completely with the club, because if you don’t do that I think you cannot go far"

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