10 Mind-Blowing Products With Hidden Functions

See these Mind-Blowing Products With Hidden Functions
Feel like that spy you’ve always wanted to be.

1. This sneaky phone case that will let you take photos with your phone pointed down.

2. Looks like a regular dictionary, right? WRONG! It’s actually a safe.

3. Is this guy packin’? Or is it just underwear that you can hide a flask in?

4. This screw that really isn’t a screw.

5.This nickel that splits apart to reveal a tiny compartment

6. This hair clip that has seven different tools built into it.

7. This flask with a hidden collapsible shot glass so you can always get the perfect measure.

8.This mitten that is totally not a flask.

15. This hoodie that has a 9. 9. hidden vape in the pull strings.

10. This purse that is also a wine bag holder.

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