It's good to know that one of my favourite artists AJ a.k.a. Apple Juice is back.
I've been looking forward having a new hit single from her on my playlist and boom "Prayers Answered".

I actually confirmed the story when she said; 
"I am so excited to be back into the studio, doing what I love to do best. I wrote 'Mon Ami' with the help of my guitar, thinking it was going to turn out like one of those Asa-like songs.

But hey! The producers, Raven Beats, sliced and diced the song and finally recooked it to be better than I imagined. Mon Ami, meaning ‘My Friend,' is a blend of English, French and my native dialect (Ogba). The Afro R and B tune brings out a better version of me; the real Apple Juice.
Keep your eyes locked down on this space cos Mon Ami by AJ drops on Saturday, 16th July, 2016. The song is themed around friendship and promises to keep you hooked on 'replay."

We are waiting AJ

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