A father doesn't want his three daughters to get married. Now, it's up to three men to try to and convince the father that they're a good fit for his daughters.

Nargis Fakhri, Akshay Kumar, Jacqueline Fernandez

Pros and Cons:

The third film in the popular yet low-quality comedy franchise, Housefull 3 doesn't try much to impress. So it ends up with its predecessors in the Bollywood abyss where all bad movies go.

Sandy (Kumar), Bunty (Bachchan), and Teddy (Deshmukh) are in love with Ganga (Fernandez), Saraswati (Fakhri), and Jamuna (Haydon), respectively, mostly because they are the rich daughters of Batook (Irani), a Gujarati NRI with a bad sense of humor. Because things are rather messy and there are couple of skeletons up in the cupboard, Batook wants his daughters to marry some other blokes; so he refuses to meet their beaus. However, the daughters manage to introduce the trio to their father by asking them to fake some disability. So Sandy becomes a cripple, Bunty becomes a man with no voice, and Teddy pretends to be blind. So you get the idea how the jokes are formed and what ensues further in the plot, along with few slightly unnecessary side arcs.

While there is some good old average comedy here to chuckle at, the main problem with Housefull 3 is that it spends 2 hours in making fun of various disabilities, races, and languages, and then towards the climax tries to absolve itself with a confession. It's all good in light-heart, but the overall effect that it gives is mostly unpalatable.

That's it, there's not much else to say here as anyone who has seen any of the previous two films can deduce the story from what information I have provided. The three lead actors are funny to watch, compared to the female leads' performances; they are rather clumsy and pouty in their approach. Songs are dim and so are the montages.

BOTTOM LINE: Sajid-Farhad's Housefull 3 is nothing different from its predecessors and all it provides is few chuckles that may not be welcome in the type of country that India has now become (in the waket of Tanmay Bhatt's Snapchat video controversy). Wait for TV premiere and switch between channels during commercials.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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