Sam Obeghe, 24, was falsely accused of rape by a 21-year-old shop assistant that said he raped her.

Obeghe and his friend Zack Garrigan, 22, met the said lady and her friend in the Vogue bar in Bolton, Greater Manchester, and in the early hours of the morning they all went to the Obeghe's apartment. Once they got there, the woman Garrigan started touching each other and later went to Obeghe's bedroom to make out.

Later she said she Garrigan did not have sex that she fell asleep while he went into the lounge to get Viagra.
She told the court that a man she thought was Zack woke her up and they and they began having sex.
She said when ran her fingers through Obeghe’s hair she realised she was with the wrong man. She stormed out in hysterics, her mother alerted the police and Obeghe was arrested in his pyjamas.

Obeghe, a University of Salford economics student, said he only went into his bedroom to tell the woman to leave after Zack had exited the room.


I walked into the bedroom sat on the bed and started nudging the woman saying ‘go and meet Zack in the living room’. At first I lay there thinking “finally I can go to bed” but she grabbed me. I was just thinking “I didn’t really want to have sex with her” but I’m a human being and if you get touched like that you have a motivation to move on.

She grabbed me saying “come on Zack." Then I realised she’s thinking I’m Zack so I jumped off the bed and jumped out of the room. I went into the living room and told Zack: “Man you will not believe what she’s just done”. Zack was sort of laughing and then I saw her storming out and she was screaming. I was in shock. I didn’t climb on top of her and kiss her.".... na only "bobbie" I touch....

Daily Mail

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