Actor, Director and screenplay writer at Blaq Nation,Emma Blaq has shown how disappointed he gets when he sees nude photos of women.
He said this in a post he shared on social media platforms.
It hurts me when I see nude pictures of girls and women in the name of creative shots, be it of pregnant women or girls.
Let me start with the women.
If you must let us know you are pregnant, do you take nude pics? My question is, where is your husband? Most times the men too support their wives to do such things just to post on social media and get likes. Can I tell you what you don't know? You just sold your pride for some cheap social media LIKES that will do them no good.
Now that we have seen everything that was meant for your eyes only, what respect have you earned from it? Westerners deceive you to think if you cover the nipples, then it's no longer a nude picture... you must be so foolish to believe that if you eat a plate of food, but leave the meat untouched, then you have not eaten at all. You think the pride of a woman is the private part only? Nah! Your whole body is your privacy, and if you decide to show it to the world in the name of social media madness, then you've lost your pride as a woman or girl. If after going nude for the world to see so you can get some miserable LIKES then I will suggest you just go naked all the days of your life because there is nothing to hide anymore. That means the essence of wearing clothes has been defeated.
Don't say "they can see but can't touch" that's one of the most foolish statements I always hear girls say. These days we don't need to touch anymore, all we need is to see and your pride as a woman is gone. Grow up and cut yourself away from this insane act. There is nothing modern about your nude pictures displayed everywhere for some Likes on social media. Don't say this guy is old school, Nah! I am not. I know more of the western life than you do. I love pictures and social media platform is great because I use it alot, but the truth must be told when things start getting out of hand. My name is EMMA BLAQ. I am open to your criticism and insult... infact I am already insulting myself for posting this cos it's in some ways non of my business but I have sisters and friends and fans who will want to read and give it a second thought.

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