Girl who loved violent sex gets killed after begging her lover to strangle her during sex

Tania Trinidad Paredes, 23, was found dead in her home at Mexico City and her boyfriend, journalist Juan Javier Jonathan Ruiz Torres, 32, is currently in police custody as the prime suspect. Torres denied raping her and told detectives she died by accident while they were having sex.

He said he had been drinking with her and another roommate, Jose Luis Arzate Martinez, when she suggested a threesome, but when Arzate refused and went to bed, Paredes suggested a rough sex session. He told detectives: 'During the act, she asked me to squeeze her neck and slap her because she liked violent sex.'
He said he used a cable he found at the side of the bed and accidentally killed her by strangling her too hard. Doctors said the cause of death was asphyxiation and that her neck bones had been broken.

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