Officials of the Nigerian Legion, had in the night of of Sunday, September 13, 2015 nabbed two men for allegedly trying to exhume a corpse from a grave at Ado Odo/Ota local government area of Ogun State.

The two suspects were identified as Oke Akindele, a herbalist from Igangan, Benin Republic, and 19-year-old Timothy Oniyide, a welder.

The third culprit, Monday Kugbi, took to his heels when he sighted the officers while his 20-year-old pregnant wife, Mary Kugbi, was picked up from their home.

The Legion who got a tip off of the incident, stormed the Igan–Alade community in Yewa North local government area of the state where the incident happened.

Recounting the incident, the squad leader, AOLG, Second Lt. Olorumleke Oluwaseyi, disclosed that it took hours to arrest the culprits.

He said: “We got the information that some persons were digging a corpse in Igan-Alade area and when we got to the area around 11:00 pm last night, we conducted our investigation and two names were given to us.

“We picked Timothy, who is the principal suspect at their house where the crime was conducted while his friend Monday ran away upon seeing our men. We have arrested his wife and still in search of him.

“The herbalist, 50, was the man that gave them a soap to bath with inside a dug space on the corpse.

“We left the town for Abeokuta late last night and passed the night at Eleweran in Abeokuta.

“We were directed this morning to go back to Aiyetoro, the jurisdiction where the incident occurred for proper complain, from where the matter will be transferred to the headquarters,” Oluwaseyi revealed.

It was further learnt that Timothy and some of his friends had gone to the herbalist over the weekend to collect another medicine before they were caught.

The herbalist said,“Timothy came to me that he wanted a medicine that will make him to be bold and headstrong.

“He came with about six other persons. I don’t know anyone of them except Timothy. I gave them a powder to put into an incision to be made on their chest and back.

“I never gave Timothy or anybody soap to bath with on the corpse. I gave them only powder for incision.”

Contrary to the herbalists’ version of the story, Oniyide said: “I went to him to give me something that will make me rich and wealthy because my business was no more yielding profit.

“He gave me the soap and that was about a month ago and on Saturday again, I was there with six other persons and he gave us another powder to rub an incision on our chest and back.

“Other people that went with me to the herbalist are Prophet Adiitu of Celestial church, Ijoun, Baba Bukky, Prophet Omilende, Igbogila and one other Prophet from Cherubim and Seraphim and three of my friends.”

The police headquarters in Eleweran, Abeaokuta area of the state have directed that the case be transferred to Aiyetoro Police station for further investigations.

- Source:PM News

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