A child has shocked members of a community in Mushin, Lagos state, by allegedly committing suicide.

The 12-year-old girl identified as Mulikat Hassan was reportedly found dead by her parents after she was seen dangling from the ceiling of her parents' one-room apartment in Mushin.

A neighbor who spoke with The Sun said:

"I have never seen anything like it before. Yes, I have heard of adults committing suicide but never have I seen or heard of a 12-year old girl taking her own life. I think it is as a result of some sort of spiritual manipulation."
Another neighbor, depressed by the death of the child described her as a decent and responsible girl.
"She was a very good, responsible and respectful girl. It remains a big surprise to me why she would choose to commit suicide. That morning, before her mother went to work, they both passed by my shop and I admired the fine hijab that she (Mulikat) wore, and I told her mother I liked it and she smiled.

"When her mother came back from work, she met her other children playing outside the compound and asked after Mulikat. They told her that she was in the house. On getting to the room, she met the door locked from inside and began to knock, thinking that she was asleep. 

"After banging on the door for some time and calling her name, Mama Mulikat became so worried that she had to scream for help. When we got there, we knocked for a while, still there was no response from inside. So, we broke down the door. The sight was gory. 

Mulikat had tied a rope to the ceiling fan of the room and hung herself. Her body was dangling. I feel she had been hanging there for hours since the saliva from her mouth was almost dried up."

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