Today, I bring to you the new face of ELCUTIEE’S BLOG (www. elcutiee.com)
As we all know, the only constant thing in life is Change; Positive Change is sweeter.
Three years ago, I started Elcutiee’s Blog because I enjoyed discussing and sharing ideas.
Physically I was hindered because those who wanted to listen just couldn’t be with me at the same place and time; I tried to chat and send broadcast messages on social media and instant messaging apps, but it was cumbersome and disorganized.

One day, I said to myself “Why don’t I Create a Platform that all my friends/well-wishers can go to and view all the informations I want to pass out”. Then it struck me that an organized name and platform will be nice. Then my dearest coach and friend Dauda Ablaku Faris A.K.A Hosting Mogul and GossipHa said to me “why don’t you just go into blogging and publishing”.
Trust me, that was the beginning of ELCUTIEE’S BLOG
I didn’t know the basics of blogging, so I had to start with a free platform so I can learn how to “Do It Myself” from the scratch. I was so excited and day dreaming of the thousands of followers and audience I’ll have, I quickly chose my blog name and url (that was not so hard) then I started developing my templates and menus (that was not so easy , but thanks to my coach and friends, I pulled through after making several mistakes , lol)
Well, it wasn’t so exciting at some point when after spending time to write a post, all I got was single to double digits views( 6, 5, 10, 25 and at most 40). I got discouraged but I still had a whole lot to share with the world so I didn’t give up. I got more inspired when I watched Linda IKEJI talk about her experiences as a blogger. That moment I told myself “it only gets better with time; persistence is key”. On that note I quickly sent an email to linda ikeji with the caption “My virtual godmother” (weird caption I know) and her reply? I’ll let you know some other time.
After three years of blogging, and online skill development , I have gradually grown into a mature blogger/publisher, thanks God, You and You and You. So I thought it wise to expand my tentacles and stop being a “Blogspot/Blogger Tenant” . Oh yes I had to Relocate.lol
Today, I bring to you Elcutiee.com
Elcutiee.com is still  ELCUTIEE’S Blog but It is bigger and better .
It it the pioneer creation of Elcutiee’s Web Designs. I took my time to design this new website and I am open more development. Don’t hesitate to criticize it if you find anything not looking good.
Do enjoy your stay with us and spread the good news
This Website is dedicated to
God Almighty, for being my All round maker and Helper.
My Parents (Mr & Mrs Lewis-Wikina) and Siblings (Sira LewisDemabari Lewis JnrChuks Louis Lewis) , for being there for me and believing in my dreams.
My friends Elfrida Hart Curtis, Phoebe Okoro, Kaine Robert, Isioma isispanache Nzekwe but to mention a few, for being my first hand good-intended critics and audience, thanks for inspiring me to do better.
You, You and You, for being the best Readers/Audience in the world
Thank You
For: Elcutiee’s Blog
Barisuka Ella Lewis-Wikina
( Publisher Elcutiee’s Blog)

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