I recently shared a gist of a house help cooking for her boss with urine and here's another story of a man who was raped by two women; Still in Kenya.
Two women abducted and gang-raped a 29-year-old man and even threatened to unleash a massive snake on him if he attempted to resist them during the attack.
The man from the Karoi district of Kenya reported the incident to the police thereafter which prompted the officers to launch a manhunt aimed at arresting the duo.
It was gathered that the two women threatened the man with a gun and forcibly made him have sexual intercourse with them.

The police disclosed that the two women indecently assaulted the man after they offered him a lift.
Chief police spokesperson, Senior Assistant Commissioner, Charity Charamba said: “Police are investigating a case of aggravated indecent assault in which two women ordered a 29-year-old man to have sexual intercourse with one of them while the other one was holding a a live snake and pistol.”
The police spokesperson further revealed that the incident happened at 9 am when the complainant boarded a Toyota Raum with the vehicle driven by a middle-aged woman who was in the company of another woman, offering to give him a lift to his destination.
But at a lonely stretch on the road, the driver pulled up, pretending she wanted to check the car’s tyre only to continue the journey for a while before the driver diverted into a bushy area.
One of the women suddenly produced a gun and a snake and ordered the man to have sex with them or face their wrath.
They also reportedly gave him a blue sex enhancement pill to possibly boost his libido and make the encounter fun.
After he took the tablets, the two women took turns to to have unprotected sexual intercourse with him without his consent.
The man whose identity remained undisclosed was rushed to the hospital for tests to be run on him, while the police are still on the look out for the suspects.

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