It all started when I tried to write  a post and I noticed I had just 500mb worth of data remaining.  In order to stay connected,  I decided  to top up my line via UBA's U-Direct;   but before I could log on to my internet banking  page the so called 500mb worth of data had elapsed.
I was shocked because I was using my IPad and not a laptop or desktop. Anyway I let it pass and borrowed  a friend's device to log on to my internet banking  page,  continued with my top up and that went smoothly.
As if ETISALAT was not done frustrating me,  I tried getting another data bundle but couldn't  because  they were experiencing network  failure, I didn't want to get angry too fast so I called ETISALAT customer service line and I spoke  with a representative that apologized for the service failure  and asked me to try again in three (3) hours.
I was exasperated but couldn't do anything  so I decided to distract my self with some house  chores that were not necessary at that  moment.

Three hours had gone by and I decided to try again but still couldn't buy any data bundle  as same network issue  persisted;  so I called  the ETISALAT  customer service line again.
This time I had to pour out my heart to the representative I spoke with telling him I was a blogger and really needed to go online for so many  reasons, besides ETISALAT knew so many users  were stranded and they didn't even border sending  apology messages to users.
The rep's reply  was " I just loaded your line with 200mb worth of data,  that should help till we get back then you can subscribe " I was shocked,  200mb worth of data?  No reasonable apology?  besides I  just lost 500mb in 30 seconds  so what can 200mb worth of ETISALAT data do for me?    I couldn't bear the insult he added to my injury so I hung up.
In a nutshell,  ETISALAT has all of a sudden turned in a disappointing  network.  I trusted  that network  provider but they failed me and that cost me a lot today.
It's so far been an annoying and sad situation.  So i'm thinking  of swapping. 
What network  should  I port to?

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