I'm so excited to announce that I have decided to add some special posts to Elcutiee's Blog.
My main objective is to give my dearest EB readers something special/Themes to watch out for everyday. 

These posts include 

Monday Merit : 
Several people doing well in various fields will be showcased. This also includes Personalities and Products.

Tuesday's Toddler:
This corner is strictly for children.  It will showcase products for children as well as beautiful photos of Children. So feel free to send in lovely photos.

Wednesday's Words.
This will include words of inspiration as well as life changing articles. Feel free to send in your questions about life.

Thursday's Hard Truth:
Issues will be trashed without fear or favour in this session. Please send in your articles and Open Letters etc.
N/B: Articles should should be truthful/sincere

Family Friday:
Want to show the world how lovely your families are? Here's a chance. Send in your family photos and they'll be published.

Saturday Soirée :
Let's t  know who throws/Attends the biggest parties. Photos and adverts are welcomed.

"So Sunday":
Whatever happens on Sunday is published on "So Sunday". Photos, invitations etc.

All Photos and Articles will be published for free 
There will be 50% Discount on Adverts. (Offer Lasts till October 31, 2015)

N/B: All Article, Adverts, Photos, Invitations, Nominations and Questions should be sent to elcutiee@gmail.com  with the day's theme ( e.g Monday merit) as subject .

Thank You.

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