National leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, said yesterday that the country under President Muhammadu Buhari was drifting towards dictatorship, just as it urged the international community to intervene.

The PDP also accused President Buhari of exhibiting trappings of despotism, saying that he has no justification to condemn the Coup in Burkina Faso against the backdrop that his actions were worse than a military government where the government go after perceived enemies.

According to   PDP, the position of President Buhari regarding the coup in Burkina Faso was a mockery of reasoning because his government has continued to violate the provisions of the constitution of his own country.

In a statement yesterday by PDP National Publicity Secretary, Chief Olisa Metu, the party also alleged that the current travails of the president of the Senate, Senator Bukola Saraki, in the hands of the Codeof Conduct Tribunal (CCT) was orchestrated by the presidency in its quest to annex the National Assembly.

Metuh however recalled   that the Presidency had vowed not to recognize the current Senate leadership, and said such was a total disdain  to the independence of the legislature and the principle of separation of powers.

Metuh said, "Ordinarily, the intra-party squabbles within the APC, regarding leadership positions in the Senate is not necessarily our concern. Also, we are not interested in whether Senate President Bukola Saraki ran for the APC Presidential ticket against President Muhammadu Buhari; or whether he ran for the Senate Presidency against the advice of the  President and his party. Our concerns here are the prevailing executive intolerance, the undermining of the institution of the National Assembly  and the overall threat to the survival of our democracy.

"Whereas the PDP totally supports the fight against corruption, while reposing confidence in the judiciary to protect and preserve its sanctity, we note with grave concern, the politically induced controversies within the judiciary, as a result of the part being played by agents of the executive, especially the question of due process with respect to the roles statutorily vested on the person of an Attorney-General, who is yet to be appointed, regarding proceedings in the Code of Conduct Tribunal".

- Vanguard

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