Ssg Island Of The Dolls
Macabre, creepy, weird, and dark, the perfect recipe for a tourist attraction. Not far from Mexico City there is a small island adorned with sinister looking dolls hanging from trees and buildings and from every available nook and cranny, and which has been drawing in tourists in their droves. A little girl drowned in a canal, and Don Julian Santana, the man who found her floating by, later found a doll drifting in the same canal, and so he hung that doll by the nearest tree as a way to honor the little girl’s spirit. Then he hung another one nearby, then another, then another, and then he went crazy and became obsessed, going round doing nothing but hanging dolls everywhere on the island. But here’s the weird thing… he ended up dying by drowning in that same canal a few years later. His family ‘run’ the island as a tourist attraction and many people have reported sights of ghosts and strange phenomena.


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