The 65 year old father of 6 and Grandfather of 7 confirmed that he is reinventing himself physically in a bid to transition from male to female.
Speaking in front of millions of viewers, including 4 of his children from his first wife, Burt, Brandon, Casey and Brody Jenner, Bruce tearfully revealed:
'To all extents and purposes, I am a woman. My brain is much more female than it is male. That's what my soul is. Bruce lives a lie. She is not a lie.' He added: 'I can't do it anymore.'

"I've been confused about my gender since I was little"
Then he told ABC news how he broke the news to his children.

"God is looking down making little Bruce. He gave me all these wonderful qualities. Then at the end, he looked at me and said, 'Hey, let's give him the soul of a female and see how he deals with that..
"You know what... it's going to be tough. I've been thinking about this day forever and what I should do with my life. How do I tell my story, how do I tell people what I've been through... And that day is today.' He said. He then asked Diane for a tissue and used it to wipe his tear-filled eyes. He continued: 'We have to keep our sense of humor about this. Me of all people - Bruce Jenner - has to deal with these issues.'
"As of now I have all the male parts, but I still identify as female." Despite having a female soul', Bruce said he 'hates' describing himself as a woman stuck in a man's body. 'I'm a person and that's who I am,' he said. 'I'm not stuck in anyone's body. It's just me
"I was a lonely little boy. I'm a lonely big boy. I don't socialize a lot. I never fit in. I like to play golf, but 99% of the time I play by myself."
"I was never attracted to guys. I've always felt heterosexual. I am not gay. I've never been with a guy. I've always been with a woman, raising kids. Sexuality is who you're attracted to, but gender identity is about who you identify with." "I told my mom she didn't cause this."
"I was trying to block out my feelings with the obsession to be an Olympic athlete."

His first wife Christy was the first person he broke this news to.

He said when he met Kris Jenner, he was on hormones and had a 36D BREAST.
So far, KIM  has been his most supportive family member, and that's all thanks to Kanye.

He took Diane Sawyer inside his closet where he has 2 wardrobes. 1 with male clothing and another with female clothing.
Kris Jenner had "no comment" on the Diane Sawyer interview, but Bruce's first two wives sent in well wishes."

He hopes to reemerge as the person he calls "her." However, he did not reveal his new female name during the Diane Sawyer interview.


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