As it happens ... This is the list of the 20 most influential UNIZIK students for the year 2014..hehe

1. Queen Mercy Atang.. ( The Current Miss Democracy.. What she does with her influence? Don't get it twisted, it is not magic)

2. Chukky GMX... ( A student who is a CEO, an ENT guru.. And a strong hold on ground)
3. Carlos TrendsNG ( you would not know he is a student, he determines what trends on your social networks)
4. Queen Agulefo ( Former SUG Vice president... Beautiful lady with experience in youth coordination.. To whom, who has much, see much!!!)
5. Divine Ezieke ( known as LASGIDI... Mr tourism Nigeria... Loved by many.. Gets a lot done!!!)

6. Noble Eyisi ( present SUG president.. wonder how he made it to the list? His influence took him to his present seat)

7. Chubby Kay.. ( Owner of, so many lovers of internet vibe.. U can imagine his traffic of influence)

8. Slimshady ( cute dancer... Event manager... Lady's man... Good thinker.. Google for the rest)

9. Martin Beck Nworah ( Consistent writer, UnizikSUGnews* Author, diary of a unizik babe, current SUG PRO.. )
10. Lil Cross ( god on the MIC... Street king.. Don't mess with this dude!!!)
11. Bond ( Political Guru.. Stake holder DOT gang!!! He should not send boys after you...)

12. Eucharia Nnadi (current face of unizik.... Just too beautiful!!! She gets what she wants.. I can't imagine how.. Don't imagine!!!)

13. Honey ( best female dancer of the year!!!! On air personality Unizik fm.. Knower* of so many people!!! Officials and Unofficial.. If she puts a call out because of you???)

14. Nwachuku chika ( CEO freshdealers* Corporate_Street_Boy* always cooperating with the streets, always in the know.. He can make it happen, if you get across to him!! Critical thinker)

15. Chiamaka U. (Mama Unizik.. Brilliant head.. A look up to, for the students in motivation. Runs a foundation, graced national dailies.. She is just influential!!!)

16. Onah ifeanyi (Slammy!!! Cute dude.. Among the 4 wheel drive guys.. Well known model with abilities and influence)

17. Anisiobi franklin ( most popular male youth in anambra state!!! He runs olosho360... Another internet gangster!!!)
18. June ( she is the current miss anambra universe.. She has been an entertainment ambassador for years, a veteran anchor and such a tender smile and voice that can make you start doing what she tells you to do!! She can confess you like mother confessor)

19. Ezenwa Obiora ( he is a political actor with so much credibility... That a mention of his name sounds like Mandella for the people!!! I think he won an award as student MADIBA)

20. Bamboo Gangsters!!! ( Group of students who are not known,,, combination of many genes.. Their actions are swift... And clear.. Implications of their decisions makes for what you see on the streets)

Don't get it twisted!! Took a lot to compile this list.. Board of internal advisor and analysts spent weeks before they concluded.. We had to make sure we went into all angles of the students life.. We also had to be sure of the ability of "INFLUENCE" you have to make things happen!!!!

Source: Corporate Street Boy

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