BRUCE JENNER ( KIM KARDASHIAN'S STEP DAD) REPLACES HIS MALEREPRODUCTIVE ORGANS WITH THAT OF A FEMALE is claiming Bruce Jenner in his quest to become a woman, has had his p*nis surgically removed. Find their report below...
"This is not rumour - it is 100% facts! Kim Kardashian's step-father Bruce Jenner is officially a woman. Yes - he cut of his d**k and replaced it with a surgically constructed V*agina. spoke with a producer from E!'s top rated reality series Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and they just filmed one of the most intense scenes in the show's history"

The producer explains, 
"Bruce just told everyone that he's a woman. He went to Thailand, and had gender reassignment surgery. He's officially a woman." And the producer claims that it was a very emotional scene. The snitch continued, "Kris [Jenner] was crying because she thought that they were getting back together. The kids were crying . . . it was crazy."
Expect huge ratings when the show airs in the next couple of months. The producers, who did NOT script the scene - are furiously editing trailers of the event - so that they can "leak" it onto the internet.
This is getting serious

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