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Ten Types Of Women That Will Never Marry

1. Bossy boots Guys get enough of being told what to do at work; they don’t need it at home too. Men really don’t like to be told what to do and a bossy wife is one of their biggest nightmares! 2. Man moulder A girl who sets out to change her man is doomed to fail at her task. Many women think they can change a man for the better, but he just doesn’t want to be changed. You can get away with so much like getting to smarten up a bit, but try and change his friends or his hobbies, and the wedding will definitely be off. 3. Green eyed monster
If you accuse a guy of cheating, when he’s not, then he is soon going to get frustrated and bored with all the suspicion. You may well have been hurt before, but that doesn’t mean that this guy will do the same, so quell the jealousy, or he won’t be hanging around long enough for a wedding. 4. The gossip pro They might find it amusing to begin with, but it won’t take long for that novelty to wear off. Gossip is simply boring to men and it will make them wonder what you might be saying about them, behind their back. 5. Keeping up with them next door A woman who is more interested in what other people have, rather than what she has, isn’t the type of girl that a man wants to make a lifelong commitment to. It will make him think that you will never be satisfied and that you might as well be with someone else who can give you all those things that you seem to desire. 6. I live for you and only you Watch the fear and the dread come over him when you say these words! He’s going to be thinking that you need to get a life and he will picture a life where you can’t do a single thing without him. 7. Picky eater Remember that being married, means eating meals together, and if all you eat is a few morsels of salad at every meal, he’s going to worry that he’s going to be on a starvation diet too. 8. The limpet Yes, we are talking about Miss clingy here. Give him some space and let him off the leash occasionally, men hate to feel caged in. 9. The crazy party animal The crazy party animal is a great fun for a night out, but not so good for taking home to the mother. Everyone enjoys a good night out, but not many do it every single night of the year! Guys like a bit of homeliness sometimes and they don’t want to be worrying who you are out partying with and what kind of trouble you are getting yourself into. 10. Look at me! Look at me! It can be fun for a while, hanging out with someone who always has to be the centre of attention, but that’s going to be a bit wearing, after twenty years of it! Girls that constantly crave attention are not the type of girls that most guys want to be married to.

Well, sincerely speaking, every woman is a bit of one or two of the above stated list, so prepare to remain single if you want to follow the list's trend. 

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