Are you set for the Yakata Sales 2014? Have you made a shopping list already? We know for sure that fingers are clicking in preparation for the biggest sales yet, the epic Yakata Sales brought to you by, Nigeria’s largest online mall! The big shopping event, which is Konga’s version of the Black Friday, would feature huge discounts on thousands of products. And to top this, is the FREE nationwide delivery on all orders over N5000! Yes, remains the king of super-amazing sales! 

Last year, the biggest attraction was the PS4 deal which sold out within minutes of its release on the website. In one day, we had doubled our maximum number on orders, visits and every other metric we could track. This year, we expect a much bigger record breaking sale, and we are quite ready to handle this, having put together the best logistics (KExpress) and technology team in the Nigerian e-commerce space.

From research, computers and phones are major attractions during sales like this. As a result, we may see pretty high demand for laptops, tablets and smartphones.  The trend would continue with large TVs and Smart TVs leading the shopping list of many people.

With the jaw-dropping discount rates, the prices of featured items are amazing. But there are also ways you can get even more out of these offers! Here are a few shopping tips for getting the best deals possible:
  • Download the Android app or iOS app on your mobile device so you are ready to order the hottest deals as they are no matter where you are.

  • Create your wish list, by saving items in your shopping cart before the sales event.

  • Create a Konga account via this link and update it with delivery address and other details. 
Keep your fingers crossed! This is going to be the most amazing sales event this year!

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