Hello my dearest EB readers, recently I had an upclose and personal interview with the newly crowned Gulder Ultimate Man XI, Chinedu Ubachukwu, and it was really nice. Shout out to those who sent in their questions, please find the answers below.

Elcutiee: Hello Chinedu
Chinedu: Hello Elcutiee
Elcutiee: Please what is your full name?
Chinedu: Ubachukwu chinedu
Elcutiee: Your nickname?
Chinedu: Tefleon or teffy for shorts
Elcutiee: What led to your picking Tefleon as a nickname
Chinedu: I didnt pick it,my friends did
Elcutiee: Oh, nice
Elcutiee: So when is your birthday?
Chinedu: Sept 7th
Elcutiee:  you studied petroleum Engineering  Right?
Chinedu: Sure I did study Petroleum and Gas Engineering
Elcutiee: So what prompted you audition for gulder ultimate search
Chinedu: Nothing really,just gave it a shot and now we are here
Elcutiee: What did your family say when you talked about auditioning for the search?
Chinedu: My sis took it as a joke
Elcutiee: What did your friends say ?
Chinedu: my friends said I was aje for the whole thing
Elcutiee: And how did they react when you qualified to be one of the ultimate warriors
Chinedu: They had faith and gave me their full support...*lol*
Elcutiee: So who was your favorite warrior
Chinedu: I dont have a favourite warrior but Cossy and Emmanuel were the bravest.
Elcutiee: I saw Cossy  and Emmanuel jokingly give you their lanterns as presents.To them it meant nothing and to most viewers they gave you their birthright. What's your take on that?
Chinedu: They blessed me and God answered
Elcutiee: I'm curious, where are the lanterns?
Chinedu: The lanterns are somewhere in d belly of aguleri forest or so
Elcutiee: So how does it feel being a young millionaire at 24
Chinedu: I really cant say,guess it hasnt hit me yet
Elcutiee: I hope you plan on giving to Charity
Chinedu: I will sure give bk to the society,i do that b4 now...so i hv room to do more
Elcutiee: The ladies are eager to know your relationship
Chinedu:I Am single*lol*
Elcutiee: In summary what do you have to say to Elcutiee's Blog Readers?
Chinedu: A very big thank you for your supports,in form of votes,SMS, broadcasts, calls, and  especially the prayers. May God reward you all for me and for your messages and good wishes, I will attend to them ASAP.......still trying to catch up with civilization and all. God did it for us, #teamchinedu. We came, we saw, .......fill in the gap. I love you all more than you know it.

Awww, "now you're gonna make me cry"
Nice one from the cute, caring and funny Gulder Ultimate Man XI. 
To all the pretty ladies  that kept asking If Chinedu was single, well you heard from the horse's mouth, he is SINGLE so you can go hunting *disappears*

I want to say a big thank you Chinedu for spending time with me despite his tight schedule (what are friends for? *Winks*). You are truly the "Man Of The Year"

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  1. hook me up with chinedu.......i love him...but he seem proud..........Hesse Ageh

    1. Yes he is an aje but a humble one. He can't meet everyone especially now that he's gotten so busy. All hope is not lost.


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