From Left to Right: Canon(Viewers Choice Winner), Samantha (Last Girl Standing), Sharon, Evi, Elcutiee.

So I was out on Sunday with some warriors from the just concluded Gulder Ultimate Search XI. 
It was an evening well spent with my Old time friends Cannon Ottoh and Evi with Sharon and Samantha.
I got a ride in Canon's viewer's Choice Car from Silverbird Cinema to De Office Karaoke Bar in G.R.A 2, Port Harcourt were we settled in, ordered for chilled bottles of Gulder, with some food and started a long conversation juggled with song selection. It was a joy ride as we sang each other's song like a chorus, and laughed out loud that other guests couldn't help but join the  fun ride.

The Ultimate Warriors couldn't stop talking of life in camp.They actually admitted to missing other warriors as they had already bonded with each other during the search ....Awwww, (now you know one secret)

Canon, talked about some of his future plans(trust me, they are interesting and he sounded determined too) , Evi was as maiden as usual, Sharon was a sharp active babe and Samantha, was a little bit in a hurry to go somewhere but she was still a Nicey 

As  a sharp babe I quickly requested for a snap shot with the Warriors and booked for interview sessions before carrying on with the joy ride

So keep your eyes glued to this page as I'll be posting some  exclusive interviews I'll have with the warriors.

Shout out to Otto Canon, thanks for hooking me up with these awesome people.

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