It is my pleasure to introduce Elcutiee's Weekend Personality to you all.
He is someone who's voice gives me "the chills/goose bumps
Well, I was lucky to have an upclose and personal interview session with him, and I was able to gather some details about him.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Terry Wilson.

*What is your full name?
Ans - Terry wilson
*What is your stage name? 
Ans- Terrywils
*What genre of music do you do? 
Ans- I have unique style of Gospel music which fuses variety of African traditional
and Western elements.

*When did you start singing professional and what prompted you? 
Ans- I started singing professionally 2003, I had my first crew then too and we were going for gigs then. I was know as "D Disciple" as at then and later got re-branded in 2010. Music has always been in me right from the day I was born and so it wasn't difficult for it to spring forth. So I will say its a God's given gift and when the time came for the manifestation, it just manifested. My prompting came by the Holy spirit because I got to know him right from when I was a Teenager.

*Who led you through the music path?
Ans - God. And he used My first Musical Director back then  in helping me appreciate what I've got in me. He gave me the platform on which I started to build.

*Where are you based?
Ans- Presently am based n Yenagoa Bayelsa State "The Glory Of All Lands"

*Any awards?
Ans- None for now, but in 2013 one of my songs " NOT ASHAMED" was Nominated for best song of the Year by Angelica Records, a label Based in the United states. And I am expecting many more By God's Grace.

*What songs have you done?
Ans- I have an album right titled " NOT ASHAMED" now which is been marketed by T.I Ventures Alaba international market Lagos and its available in stores. And presently promoting the track "EVERYTHING" which is available on all online platforms as we speak and its been aired on major gospel online radio stations both withing and outside Nigeria. And its also aired on various radio houses. The song also has a live recording video which is also on air right now.  

Video Download Link:
 Audio Download Link 1:
 Audio Download Link 2:

*Who are your mentors?
Ans - Mentors? I don't  have any (Human) mentor.  I'm basically Inspired By the Holy spirit. And so if I am to Answer this Question, I will simply say my Mentor is the Holy Spirit.
*What major shows have you done?
Ans- I have had so many Ministrations (Shows) and  as part of my achievements in my musical career,  I  have shared the stage with prominent musicians  like Sammie Okposo, Keffee, Afy Douglas, Righteous Man,Darlington Smart, Gordons, Panam Percy Paul, Samsong, Jesus Boy, Tuface, Face, Daddy showki,  and more.

*Which artist would you love to work with in future ? 
Ans- Frank Edwards, Afy Douglas, Mike abdul (Mid night crew) and Samsong. Plans are being made  towards achieving  that for my next project.
*Are you working on a new album? 
Ans-Yes I am, and its billed for May Next Year. But I will Be dropping a new single December this Year Featuring Afy Douglas.

*Your favorite quote please? 
Ans- “Disappointments are just God’s way of saying, “I have got something better. Be Patient, Have faith, Trust God.

So, why don't you all go ahead and download Terrywils' songs so you can hear for yourselves.

Video Download Link:
 Audio Download Link 1:
 Audio Download Link 2:


PHONE NO :08121280510 
BB pin- 2869E90B
TWITTER: @terrywils. 

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