Linda Ikeji is one of Africa most successful bloggers and has served as an inspiration to many other young people. She told us her story quite a number of times and one among them is the story of how broke she was before share started blogging. She said there was a day she went to use the ATM but found out she only had 900 and the least she could withdraw was 500 and the minimum balance 500. She had nothing to do than return broken. That was three years back. Last December, she gave her fans cash running into millions just for been there.

Blogging is one of the simplest online business models I know and it works well with any niche provided you have what your chosen target audience need. But to be a successful blogger and make money online, there are a couple of things you must put into consideration. 

[quote]I have written a detail post on the mistakes to avoid In that little piece, we’ll looked at LIB as case study to setting up a successful blog.

As an online business coach, the first thing I ask any aspiring blogger to do when they come to me to help them setup a blog is pick a niche and their target audience. That alone when carefully done, makes your job 55% done because at this point, you must have thought about of the blogging model and the offering you will be using to monetize your blog.

In the case of Linda, she got it right by chosen the celebrity, gossip and general entertainment niche. While that is not a very promising for a newbie, it all depends on your skills and strategies-just like any brick and mortar company- you need a firm strategy to win.

Insanity is doing the same thing the same way others are doing it and expecting to get an exceptionally different results. You have a great blog but it seems its not working -well it is not because it doesn't work, it is  because your approach isn't working. People are making money blogging -you need to be creative.

RECAP: To start a successful blog, choose a niche, target audience, model, get domain name and web hosting, and carefully choose the blogging platform that will serve you most. There are a lot of blogging platform you can use. All you need is to get web hosting and install the software. I’ve always recommended WordPress (the software from not

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Written by: Dauda Ablaku Faris(Online Coach)

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