I'm sitting in my living room in one of my family houses somewhere on earth and I'm so frustrated.

This was supposed to be a weekend getaway from all the hassles and drama. Yeah! I've got so much going on and I needed to clear my head and write lovely articles for my dearest readers but it's turning into a disaster as the internet connection is so horrible. From Etisalat to MTN, GLO, Airtel and Visafone.yeah, I tried them all but couldn't get good network and that got me cutting my get-away break short.

While packing to leave it struck me that I had become an addict, and couldn't do without the internet. I also realized there are a billion and one people like me walking the face of the earth. What has the world turned into? Is the internet making us better or enslaving us. Is it helping us up and at the same time pushing us down?

It's so true that most people take their mobile devices everywhere and that includes the toilet and bathroom. Whatever happened to  "my time".  So many accidents have occurred because individuals were using their mobile devices on the road, especially while driving. So many mistakes have been made because individuals were carried away by fingering their mobile devices.

So I'm forced to ask, What has the internet done to us?

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