Many Boko Haram members & Soldiers killed in Konduga again

Both Soldiers of the Nigerian army and Boko Haram terrorists who had engaged in the unyielding battle for the control of the now popular Konduga town in Borno state in the last two days may have lost large number of men on both sides, security sources told Leadership.

It was gathered from impeccable military sources that the Boko Haram terrorists had attacked Konduga town on Thursday night where they met yet another stiff resistance from soldiers on guard of the town, even though some soldiers got killed in the ensuing shootout.

Although the soldiers were said to have managed to repel the attacking Boko Haram gunmen on Thursday night, the insurgents regrouped on Friday morning to launch a reprisal attack.

Details of the Friday morning attack were still sketchy as at the time of filing this report but witnesses from within the security operatives, said the terrorists returned to Konduga yesterday at about 8am, in a convoy of pickup vans led by an armoured tank...

“Our colleagues in Konduga informed us today (Friday) that it was another major success because apart from killing the terrorists, the soldiers were able to retrieve a light armored tanker that led the attackers into Konduga today”, said Abbas Gaza, an official of the Nigeria Vigilante Group in Borno state.

The actual figure of casualties on both sides could not be verified but a soldier in Maiduguri told journalists that “many of them were killed and I believe half of those that escaped ran with bullet injuries”.

A top military official who spoke but craved anonymity, also confirmed the attacks.

“We lost some soldiers on Thursday night but our troops have been able to gun down many of them and repel the attacks. I don’t have much detail on the Friday morning attack yet”, said the officer

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