Australian man in agony with a killer belly condition after he caughtmystery bug from a can of beer he dropped in a river.

A sip from a can of beer he'd dropped in a river was all it took for this grandfather to catch a mystery bug that made his stomach balloon.


John Macdonald, 60, was on the Brisbane River, in Queensland, Australia, was on a fishing trip in March last year when the 'tinny' slipped out of his hand and into the water.
Without thinking Mr Macdonald picked it up up and carried on drinking from it.

He was transferred to the Royal Brisbane Hospital for a third operation which initially was thought to be a success. 
Instead he went into more shock when he woke up with an even larger and more grotesque hernia-like mass on his stomach.

On May 8 this year, John was once again admitted for surgery at the RBH to remove the mass, an operation he thought would be his last - but now the condition has returned again.
Mr Macdonald is now making a worldwide appeal to anyone who can cure his mystery illness, the large mass had returned but he said he was told by doctors that there was nothing they could do for at least 12 months.

He said: 'They operated and I was left with a flat stomach.
'But not long after when you can see what you had for supper you know something is wrong, that was the day I knew I was in strife. I'm told we have to start the whole process again.
'Clearly the Brisbane River is far more polluted than people think - it was a split second decision on my part - a stupid one - and I have to live with this for the rest of my life.
'I want to tell my story to the world in the hope that someone somewhere might answer my prayers and finally get me well - I'm a good bloke and I want to be around for my kids and my little grandchild so if there's a bloody good doc out there that can help, then give me a holler.'

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