Some Days are like that...
Days when you have bunch of friends and well wishers;
Days when you have lots of "famzy groupies"
Days when your phone book get's filled with irrelevant contacts,
Days when you become a problem solver and the Love of many,
Yes Some Days are Like that.

Some Days are Like that...
Days when you fall into the ditch of unsuccessful Stories,
Days When you loose loved ones,
Days when it looks like the world is crumbling and coming down on you,
Days when you loose your so called "friends" because you didn't "meet up"
Days when you cried your eyes out and even thought of suicide
Days when all you had was God and Family,
Yes Some Days are Like that.

Some days are like that....
Days when you have to be persistent in the game of Life,
Days when you learn from your mistakes,
Days when you see the daylight of success,
Days that are just "Awesome"
Days that your Lips are Filled with testimonies,
Days that Wisdom and Favour take care of your "Human Relationships"
Days when you have to Say YES,and Days when NO is just right.
Yes, There are days like that too.

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