Nigerian Student Murdered In South Africa

 A third year Nigerian Computer Systems Engineering student of Vaal University of Technology, South Africa student Naizi Evah, was found dead on Saturday May 2014 in her hostel room, this is according to her friends who are trying to get the media involved in the case.

One of her friends said prior to her death, Naizi had been in an abusive relationship with a Zimbabwean student, who also studies in same school with her, studying same course. The unidentified man was arrested by police in connection with Naizi's death but was bailed two days after police said they couldn't find any substantial evidence linking him to her death.

Her friends say the boyfriend had been emotionally and physically abusive towards Naizi, beat her severally and even threatened to kill. They say Naizi got tired of the abuse and broke things off with the man and told close friends she was done with him but he kept on trying to get her back/

Her friends believe she was murdered but don't know by who and want the Nigerian authorities to get involved as they don't believe they will get justice for Naizi with South African police. Naizi was from Edo State and was only 20 years old.

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