Face Of Rivers; Coming Soon!!!

Wow,look what I dug out; Face of Rivers ( Pageantry) registration forms will soon be out.

FaceOfRivers is a Peace,CULTURAL and Beauty Pageantry which is Purposed to capture a peoples essence&reveal beauties that abound in the state. Our slogan is "Beauty with a Purpose"
Purpose in the sense of Talent&Skill development, Peace Promotion, Empowerment, Training and Capacity building for self reliance, Rendering Humanitarian Services-Which led to the initiation of Project HELP- Help Elevate Less Priviledge.
It's an Annual Event Organized by Fashion And Culture Entertainment (FACE).
Your participation/sponsorship of this event in expected capacity will not only expand your BRAND/Image visibility, but will also create a balance on the score card of your Coporate Social Responsibility(CSR) to the state

And the exclusive I got is that the contestants won't have to walk the runway in bikinis. Hmmm, I like this.

So prepare yourselves oh ye beautiful ladies, and get to know more about our wonderful Rivers State.

I promise to give you all information concerning Face Of Rivers.

For More Information;
call: +234(0)8036957322
Follow on twitter:@faceofrivers
Visit: www.faceofrivers.com
Or send an email to:info@faceofrivers.com

Thank me later *winks*

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  1. Nice one. Atleast this pageant will be a decent one.


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