Young QC kills his mother for life insurance money

Young QC is Chicago actor, rapper and internet sensation and he has been arrested and charged by Chicago police for being behind the murder of his own mother in late 2011. The police say Young QC wanted fame and money so much that he paid thugs to kill his mum, who was a successful business owner in Chicago, (She owned a hair salon called Nappy Hairs Salon) so he could have the life insurance money and her money in the bank.

The young rapper known for showing off money, cars, and new clothes on his instagram and Twitter pages and regularly posting videos of him flossing (talking about how rich he was, throwing away money, ripping and burying money) hired two people to stage a break in, where they stabbed and shot the woman in the head. He was caught this past December, 15 months after the crime. He even had her face tattooed on his neck. Beyond belief. He's obviously mentally disturbed.

You can check him out on these social networks:
His instagram is youngqc. Facebook fan page: Young QC.

This Guy is Stupidly "kuku"


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