Sanusi Refuses President Jonathan's Orders To Resign Because Of His Letter.

Sycophancy is the problem that has kept Nigeria backward all these years, it's so bad that no one can dare to challenge the President even if he is wrong. Sanusi Lamido has said such can't happen in the CBN:

As you read this, President Goodluck Jonathan has ordered CBN Governor, Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi to resign immediately on the grounds that the letter Sanusi wrote to him on the unremitted $49.8 billion oil money to the Federation Account was leaked to ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo by Sanusi himself.

But Sanusi said all that is cheap politics and vowed that Jonathan can't force him to resign because based on the constitution of Nigeria, he could only be removed from office by two-thirds of the Senate.

Jonathan called Sanusi on phone but he was shocked as they had a heated exchange...
According to THISDAY, the president had called Sanusi and accused him of leaking the letter to Obasanjo, which enabled the former President to use it as one of the many allegations he levelled against Jonathan in his letter titled: “Before It is Too Late”.

The president, who a source in the presidency said was very angry and was not prepared to allow Sanusi to proceed on his terminal leave in March, asked him to tender his resignation this week Tuesday.

But Sanusi stood his ground and made it abundantly clear to Jonathan that he would not be forced out, except he is removed by two-thirds of the Senate as required by the law of the land.

Sanusi also expressed his surprise to the president that he was the one being asked to resign instead of the president to ask those responsible for the non-remittance of Nigeria's money in NNPC to resign.

“Sanusi felt he was being forced out for doing his patriotic duty to his country by drawing attention to the unaccounted funds. He only has two months to go, so this was a ploy to force him out and destroy his career and reputation," said a Presidency source.

Sanusi has however briefed his aides and family members, insisting that Nigeria belongs to all and not a few.

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