Popular Lagos Pastor "Dr. Sign Fireman" Who Uses Young Virgins For Rituals Has Been Arrested

The General Overseer of a fast growing church in Lagos, where Lagos big girls rush to, has been arrested by the Police for alleged ritual murder. The pastor simply identified as Fireman has been detained at the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID), Panti, Yaba, Lagos following confessional statement of a young man, Ikechukwu, who was caught strangulating a 12-year-old girl identified as Bose.

In his confession, Ikechukwu said:
“I started attending the church in Surulere since 2011 when I heard how the man of God was performing miracles and I believed in the pastor. After Christmas celebration, I was ashamed that I had nothing for the New Year celebration, especially clothes. The spirit moved me to approach my pastor for help and when I met with him, he promised to give me N100,000 if I could get the faeces of a strangled virgin."
After five days on the run, Pastor Fireman has finally been arrested...
Ikechukwu had told the Police that the Pastor had contracted him to kill a female virgin and bring her faeces for a NI00.000 fee. Ikechukwu, who was paraded at SCID, Panti by the state Police spokeswoman, Ngozi Braide, narrated how he strangulated the girl.

“I agreed to get the faeces of a virgin. I remembered a food vendor’s daughter, who I suspected was a virgin and I went to the woman’s shed at Badagry. When I met Bose, I bought rice and plantain from her. She served me and after eating, I lured her to an uncompleted building on the pretence that I wanted to show her something.

"Immediately we entered the building, I held Bose on the throat until she defecated and died. I wanted to pack the faeces when I heard the shout of a man calling for my arrest and I tried to escape but I was arrested by some people.

“They wanted to kill me but a man begged that I should be spared so that I can be used as witness against the pastor. I thank God that my life was saved because the pastor would have denied that he sent me."

Lagos Police P.R.O Ngozi Braide said though the case was being investigated, but 18-year-old Ikechukwu had made confessional statement that the pastor sent him. She said the pastor was being interrogated by detectives after which the police would determine the fact of the matter.

This church has reportedly been know for its notorious and nude ushers

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  1. Jesus!.....so Fireman is the acclaimed pastor that sent this lad to commit such act?....hmm, Religious prostitutes that goes from church 2 church all in the name of miracles and prosperity...see the source of power of one of the "best selling" end time pastor. Be careful.

  2. Hmmm I dumbfounded

  3. Lord hv mercy


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