Hyundai Heavy Industries Co.Ltd: Free Basic and Advanced Training!

HYUNDAI Heavy Industries Co. Ltd has 12 weeks free basic and advanced training opening in these areas:
1)Basic Welding Training
2)Advanced Welding Training
3)Electrical Training
5)Machinery Training

Interested applicants are required to visit from 27th January to 10th February 2014

Good luck.

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  1. i tried to open d site today on cafe it was telling me 403 forbidden bt wen i tried it on my fone it open wat will i do to gt apply

  2. after filling the online form i find it extremely hard to submit,i really don't know the actual problem and am battling with it while its about to close, this is terrible,

  3. I applied for the training, and now i want to know how the selection will look like. Will there be a general test, interview or it will only base on the application we did?

    1. @ AnonymousFebruary 11, 2014 at 12:27 AM ............. GET TO THE BRIDGE BEFORE YOU CROSS IT BUDDY


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