Cola Glenny, 22, said ‘I do’ to Felix Glenny, 23, who is suffering from incurable bowel cancer,as he lay in Medway Maritime Hospital Kent.

Felix was able to make it out of his bed to celebrate the ‘perfect’ day afterwards with his new wife, while their two children Ralph, two, and Pearl, four months, looked on.
He was admitted to hospital in November after suffering for several weeks with what he thought at first were stomach cramps.

But after being admitted to hospital on 11 November, doctors found a large tumour in his bowels.

Although they were able to remove it, further tests showed that the cancer had spread and Felix had only weeks to live.

"After finding out last week that the cancer is terminal, Felix and Cola decided to marry as soon as possible, and invited their friends and family to a ceremony conducted by the hospital chaplain yesterday"

"Speaking to MailOnline, Cola said: ‘After a second operation last Friday they discovered that the cancer had spread everywhere. That’s it now, there’s no stopping it".

"When they told us I had to leave the room – it was too much to take it.
"After it all settled down and we got our heads round it as much as we could, Felix just said he wanted to get married as soon as we could. We arranged it for yesterday".

"It was crazy because we were really happy, but it was so emotional".
"It was a lovely day and we’ve been thinking about it today, saying “It was perfect and it couldn’t have gone any better”.

"We had talked about getting married even before he was ill – and when we found out the cancer was terminal we wanted to do it straight away"

Wow,She is so Courageous or Do You think otherwise?


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