Security "Over do do" Spoilt Abuja's Independence Day Celebration.

So while others States were happily Celebrating Nigeria's Independence Yesterday, The Security Men in Abuja were busy Spoiling people's fun with "over do do " and "okoro Job".

Okay we know that there are often terrorist attacks on the city at important dates and that included Nigeria's 53rd Anniversary, So that made security agencies mobilise in full force to placate any surprise plot on the capital; as President Goodluck Jonathan and his service chiefs had a little in house celebration in Aso Rock.

So with the aim of preventing any planned attack, the Nigerian security establishments took over the town before midnight on the 30th of September. Seriously, they were on every corner and they ended up scaring Residents with the whole over serious security doings.

No jokes, there were lots of Security Men, tanks, Armoured Personnel Carriers and Anti-bomb vehicles at strategic locations.
Security Men carried out stop-and-search operation on major roads leading in and out of Abuja.

All routes to the Presidential Villa were "No go Areas", yes oo; As soldier over searched motorists and pedestrians, who made use of the roads.

The Bayelsa House, along Shehu Shagari Way,wasn't left out; An APC was stationed by it because this was the same location Niger Delta militants detonated several bombs ,killing no fewer than ten and injuring many others on October 1, 2010.

Checkpoints were also put up by soldiers and riot policemen opposite the National Mosque and close to the Julius Berger Bridge, Life Camp and Kubwa. The residents were lucky this time as they weren't harassed or molested like before.

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