Independence Wahala

It was an Activity filled day as Nigeria turned 53 yesterday the 1st of October.

Yes o, patriotic Nigerians started the day singing the National anthem at 12 am, then our President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan made his speech Later that morning, ...Well that was when the real Independence Wahala kicked in.

My personal Superstar AJ made my day after I read about her intentions to sell Nigeria

My dearies, my eyes saw different shades of green "sotey" myself and my bestie had to name a new shade of Green "Bitterleaf Green". Some people wore all shades of green at the same time, the colours almost ruined my eyes.

As if the green madness wasn't enough, the different banners for independence party plus their themes "na die". I saw themes like "independence madness", "Party like it's 1960", "Naija4life", "@all@all,we dey 53yrs"
And a lot more. Lol, there must be a party oo.

The Ridiculous outfits almost turned my laughter to tears,green suit with white canvas,white suit with green canvas,girls with strong masculine body wearing white skinny,jeez, ah ah. Naija must be " repped" though. Shout out to my fashionista's that made me drool at their perfectly put together green and white pieces.

Too bad some people's party plans were ruined by tight traffic jam,"chie ya" imagine "baffing up" only to spend d night on the road. Lol. while others had major fun; for example, the fun in "Play house" port harcourt was WOW.

Well,while others were busy repping Nigeria and partying, some others didn't have strength for the " Gbedu wahala" they stayed at home and made jest of the "Naija to the bone" people.

In a nutshell, I LOVE MY COUNTRY I NO GO LIE.Nigeria is 53,What next?

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